Best LED Video Wall Rental Tips for Your Next Trade Show

Trade show exhibitors are always looking for new ways to capture the attention of attendees on a busy trade show floor and to keep their attention once they have it. Technology is constantly evolving and will be even more important once trade shows and corporate events resume. Companies are going to have find ways to safely convey their messaging and incorporate safe interactive experiences to engage their visitors. Using a video wall rental on the trade show floor engages attendees by shifting the scene from stuffy meetings and lectures to entertaining. Even if your video only consists of logos and kinetic text, video makes audiences more attentive, and allows them to better remember your booth!

1) Choose the right size and type of LED video wall for your space

The biggest considerations when determining the size and the type of LED video wall rental you would like for your next trade show are your budget and the purpose. LED video wall rental is feasible for more companies as renting is a lot more budget friendly then purchasing. The right size is relative to what you are wanting to achieve with your LED video wall.

There are different types of LED video wall available to rent:

Three types of LED Video Walls - LV Exhibit Rentals in Las Vegas
  • Nearly Seamless LED Video Wall
    • These are the workhorses of the trade show industry
    • Either NEC 46” or 55” LED displays
    • Only 5.7mm separates content from display to display that ensures a smooth transition
    • Most budget friendly
  • LED Tiles – Seamless LED Video Wall
    • Locking LED tiles are joined to create a larger seamless video wall
    • Innovative mounting making these easy to integrate into any size trade show booth rental design
    • These take less time for installation and are lighter so reduces the drayage costs compared to nearly seamless ones
  • LEDskin Video Walls – modular led tiles
    • Innovative system for building these LED walls quickly, easily, and with a minimal footprint
    • Are to be used in conjunction with BeMatrix modular frames which means these are completely flat and seamless
    • Can be used just like you would use any other graphics in your trade show booth
    • Wide variety of configurations such as on archways, curved or concave walls, corners, tunnels, and can also be back to back

2) Ensuring you understand the technical capabilities for the LED video wall content

It is vital that you understand the space that you would like to use the video wall in because if it is too large than it could be overpowering to attendees and detract from the main message you are trying to convey. Pixel pitch is one of the most important specs that dictates how your content will appear based on a person’s viewing distance from the screen. The size and viewing distance are the factors to consider when deciding on the ideal pixel pitch. Lower pixel pitches are ideal when your audience will be at a closer viewing distance. The further away your audience will be from the video wall than higher pixel pitch is going to be needed.

3) Ensuring that your content will meet the technical capabilities for the video wall

You can prepare the most eye-catching, impactful content, but if it doesn’t meet the required specs for that specific size and type of video wall than your visitors may not receive the complete message you are wanting to convey resulting in missed opportunities. Videos, images, audio, and text will need to be optimized for the type of video wall. It is imperative that the text and images you use be large and clear enough to easily understand because nothing makes a video wall look more unprofessional than having low-resolution images or text that is tiny and unreadable.

Remember: Although content looks great on your laptop or desktop does not mean that it will translate to the immensity of video walls.

When creating and deciding on the content that youwant to be used for your LED video wall, you want to make sure to only use high definition graphics. LED video walls are fully capable of producing crisp, stunning images, and videos to your audience. Therefore, it is vital that you make the most of its capability by utilizing high-quality images and video content. We recommend that you use a video resolution of at least 1080p or higher. The better the resolution of your video wall content, the more your booth visitors will be drawn in.

4) Avoiding common content mistakes

There are several common mistakes that trade show exhibitors make when developing the content for video walls.

Avoiding common video wall content mistakes - LV Exhibit Rentals in Las Vegas
  • Content can be too long this is one of the most common mistakes that exhibitors make. Using short, simple messages are always more effective. With busy trade show floors, attendees are dealing with a ton of distractions, so it is recommended to present an easily digestible message.
  • Small, unreadable text – A good rule of thumb when designing your content is to make your text large that is at least a fourth of the screen and to use a sans serif font. Again, always remember that just because it looks good on your laptop does not mean it will look as good when shown on a video wall. Depending on the pixel pitch of the LED video wall, shades or glossy text effects might not be needed because they will not be viewable on a video wall with spaced out pixels.
  • Not creating a visual hierarchy – When the visual order of the content does not make any sense, the audience will have a harder time understanding the message you are trying to deliver. It is recommended to always put the most important part of your message at the forefront of what you show.

These are the most important tips for you to keep in mind the next time you need a LED video wall for your trade show booth. Video walls have been utilized by trade show exhibitors for years, however with the recent advances in technology they have become more affordable and accessible to have in any size trade show booth. Content is what is profoundly important when implementing a video wall into your trade show booth. Delivering an immersive experience has become the norm for trade show exhibitors, and video walls will continue to push the boundaries as to content delivery to trade show attendees.

Wondering how to incorporate a video wall into your next trade show booth then please reach out to one of our LED video wall experts to help you determine the best LED video wall rental package that will fit your needs. LV Exhibit Rentals can deliver, install, and provide tech support to ensure everything runs smoothly throughout your event. We would love the opportunity to earn your video wall rental business, for more information or for a quote please email us at [email protected].

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