Best Trade Show Furniture in a Post-Covid 19 World

Trade shows have been cancelled and rescheduled, however they will resume. Just like with many things, there is going to be a new normal once they do resume. One of the positives that have come out of these challenging times is that absence truly does make the heart grow fonder because upper-management and business owners have realized the real value of face-to-face events.

One of biggest changes you will experience once trade shows resume is adapting your booth design and elements to adhere to social distancing guidelines. Maintaining 6-feet between your booth visitors may seem challenging depending on your trade show booth size.

Lounge Seating Trade Show Furniture

Even though the number of visitors you can have in your booth will be reduced, you can still incorporate a presentation area with theater seating. To adhere to social distancing guidelines, you will have to incorporate less seating. It is recommended to use single person seating such as lounge chairs or ottomans for your theater area.

A great to ensure adequate spacing between your seating is to use stylish end tables. Using end tables between lounge chairs or ottomans will enable your visitors to be more comfortable during your presentation. Another great way to adhere to social distancing guidelines is to incorporate freestanding clear acrylic dividers. Those dividers give you additional branding opportunities as well.

Another way to incorporate lounge seating into your trade show booth and show your visitors that you care about their safety is to utilize stylish lounge chairs or ottomans instead of a loveseat or sofa. A great option for coffee tables is to use clear acrylic dividers with a hole and pass through slot so your staff and visitors can have a casual meeting safely.

Casual Meeting Trade Show Furniture

Keep your booth staff comfortable by providing one or two stylish bar stools behind your reception counter. This is great when you will have one or two staff members assigned to greeting your visitors.

Having spaced out two-person bar or cafe height tables is another great way to incorporate into an open floor plan especially in smaller booths.  Remember a great way to increase the safety of both your staff and visitors is to use clear, acrylic dividers on any tabletop.

Meeting Room Furniture

If you plan on incorporating a meeting room into your trade show booth, one of the safety recommendations for our new normal is to make sure you keep the doors open so that attendees can walk in or out without having to touch door handles. There are table dividers for use on tables that 3 or more people will be sitting at. If you plan on having a podium for a speaker, it is highly recommended to have an acrylic sneeze guard on that as well.

Conference tables provide a place for in-depth business meetings, having a safe place within your booth to meet with attendees to leverage the moment to deepen a new relationship, and enables your booth staff to gather more information from these potential clients. To adhere to distancing guidelines you can reduce the number of chairs at your conference table and/or using table dividers.

Your trade show booth furniture says a lot about your exhibit, and, subsequently, your company. Stylish, contemporary furniture can complement and enhance your trade show booth design giving a great impression of your company to your booth visitors. Keep in mind that in our new normal safety and comfort are major factors that must be accounted for, both for attendees and your booth staff.

LV Exhibit Rentals can help you in choosing the best furniture for your next trade show booth. We would love the opportunity to earn your business. Feel free to email us with any questions or for a quote.

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