How to Navigate the Costly Trade Show Maze

There are thousands of trade shows in Las Vegas each year, which means thousands of exhibitors each year head to Las Vegas. The trade show industry is huge. Companies exhibit at trade shows not only to make new connections in their industry but to also identify potential sales opportunities in the hopes that they will become repeat customers and establish long term business relationships.

Probably one of the most difficult tasks for many trade show exhibitors is adhering to their established trade show budget, especially for a first-time exhibitor. Keeping within your allotted budget can ensure that your return of investment is lucrative. Maneuvering your way through the various venues and their union, contractor, and drayage contracts can be quite intimidating especially to people new to exhibiting at trade shows.

This is where teaming up with LV Exhibit Rentals becomes priceless by providing you with truly turnkey trade show booth rental packages that provide you with a custom look at competitive pricing. Our trade show furniture inventory consists of high quality, stylish, and affordable furniture. We are small enough to maintain long term professional relationships with our clients yet large enough to handle all of your trade show or corporate event rental needs. Our goal is to not only make you look good but to do it in a stress-free, cost effective, and budget friendly way.

Three Ways to Help Save Money on Your Next Trade Show

1. Our operations team handles delivery, setting up of your booth or furniture, and removal of your booth or furniture. We have years of experience working with trade show exhibitors in Las Vegas so we make sure every rental order gets delivered on time as well as in excellent condition.

2. Our rental account managers work hand-in-hand with our operations department to ensure all paperwork is completed in a stress-fee manner. We handle the details so you can focus on what you do best.

3. Saving money is oftentimes wishful thinking, however when you choose to rent your trade show booth or furniture you not only save money by not having to purchase the items but you also eliminate shipping expenses. LV Exhibit Rentals provides the flexibility in our truly turnkey exhibit rental packages as well as the advantages of trade show furniture rental. More affordable combined with more choices, what is not to love?

It is imperative to have a partner that understands how trade shows work, knows the key people, and is able to bring their expertise to the table so that you can save the most money without sacrificing quality. We have successfully helped hundreds of trade show exhibitors weave their way through the costly maze of trade shows to ensure their trade show experience leverages value and minimizes expenses. We do our best to help your trade show be a successful one.

To find out how you can save money on your next trade show booth or furniture rental needs, contact your LV Exhibit Rental Representative at 702-333-0756 or you may email us.

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