How to Plan for Your Next Trade Show in this New Normal

One of the constants that has always characterized exhibiting at trade shows from show to show, year to year is that they are always evolving. The one thing we can always count on is change some industries are quicker than others to embrace changes. Unfortunately, society has been forced to adapt to all types of changes this year. Those of us in the trade show industry, have been wondering what the brave new world of face-to-face tradeshows will look like when they resume. Trade show organizers and convention centers must be proactive when it comes to keeping exhibitors and attendees safe. Each venue and each show official contractor are releasing the steps they will be implementing along with the guidelines expected of exhibitors and attendees.

When planning for your booth when face-to-face trade shows resumes, it is important to know how you can have a booth that not only conveys your brand’s messaging but also how are you going to convey to attendees that you care about the health and safety of your staff and visitors.

Using acrylic sneeze guards on reception counters

There are a variety of size acrylic sneeze guards available for any of our trade show counters. These provide a barrier between your staff and visitors to your booth. You can choose to have a pass through or not as well as you can choose to have covered opening to make speaking easier. Here are some examples of some of our trade show counters with acrylic sneeze guards:

Providing PPE’s for staff and visitors

Show attendees you have their health and safety in the forefront by providing easy access to hand sanitizer, facemasks, and/or gloves at your booth. Freestanding branded or unbranded hand sanitizer stations are available as well single- or double-sided kiosks with hand sanitizer dispensers, facemask dispensers, and/or glove dispensers mounted onto one or both sides of the kiosk.

Examples of some of our booth rental packages with acrylic sneeze guards incorporated

Below are examples of booth rental packages that incorporate clear acrylic barriers into your booth.

One of the most common questions that our clients are concerned about is how they can adhere to social distancing guidelines within their booth. Based on guidelines from IAEE, you can divide the total square foot size of your space by 28 to determine the maximum number of people that can be in your booth at any given time and still be able to maintain 6-foot social distancing. We did the math for you:

  • 10’ x 10’ (100 sq ft) – 3.571 so 3-4 people
  • 10’ x 20’ (200 sq ft) – 7 people
  • 10’ x 30’ (300 sq ft) – 10.7 so 10-11 people
  • 20’ x 20’ (400 sq ft) – 14 people

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